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Technology of, by, and for the people.


We equip individuals with collaborative tools for building a better society.

Spend 10 minutes a day to make the world a better place

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Big changes are made up of small acts. At Goodly, we create pro-social activities allowing individuals of all kinds to find common ground and collaborate to build a better society. If thousands of us volunteer just 10 minutes a week to projects like Public Editor and Demo Watch, we can greatly improve the quality of our discourse and the health of our democracy. By organizing flexible, scalable, infrastructure for voluntary collaboration, Goodly Labs ensures that we can care for each other and our society with no politics required.

Better social science for all

Everyone is a social scientist by nature. But for too long, social science has been based at universities where the primary goal of research is to transform graduate students into professors (whose primary job is to engage in written conversations with social scientists who lived and wrote decades or centuries ago). Goodly Labs is changing all that – re-casting social science as a public activity whose primary goal is to uncover the mechanisms of interaction that constitute society, so that individuals can take responsibility for improving them. Unlike the academics, who typically only address small questions that can be answered by a single researcher trying to build an independent career, we support large open team projects addressing the most complex and compelling questions of our time.

We're grateful to the following organizations for supporting our projects:

SSRC AMPlab BIDS hypothes.is NSF Sloan Foundation Sage Publishing