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SamePage is a project building an online deliberation and governance platform worthy of the 21 century. It is motivated by two observations: (1) human technology for making large group decisions has scarcely been updated since the 17th century. (2) Very few people have faith in our current legislative institutions (whether campus-wide, local, regional, national, or global).

SamePage’s success will require not only the development of an inviting, user-friendly deliberative interface with distributed and automated moderation. It will also require the careful design of incentives to promote and include participation by a large and representative sample of the public. In this way, it is also a scalable community-organizing project, and one that must attend to social psychological forces great and small. To succeed, it must not only function elegantly, it must be launched across various sites in a sequence that both attends to and weakens the political balkanization of the populations in those sites.

SamePage, by training communities (large and small) in the craft of self-governance, will enable people to supplant systems of domination/competition with institutions of cooperative continual human improvement. It will be new technology creating new and better forms of sociality, new and better people.