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Goodly depends on the participation of good-hearted individuals like you.

Our projects are fueled by the efforts of hundreds (soon to be thousands!) of volunteers with a range of backgrounds and life experiences. We are ready to accept the help of total beginners, software designers, engineers, social scientists, and anyone who wants to help build a better world. Interested in joining? Click here to try a task, or to check out our newsletter.

Volunteer Work

Researchers | Deciding Force

We are seeking a dozen undergraduate research assistants to perform content analysis on news articles describing police and protester interactions across 184 U.S. Occupy movement campaigns. We would also welcome a graduate student researcher with project management, text analysis, and/or writing and editing experience.

Software Developers | Public Editor

We are seeking intermediate/advanced interface designers/developers to create a mass collaborative software through which citizen scientists can ‘objectively’ evaluate the daily news in terms of clarity, argumentative fallacies, failures of inference, and psychological biases. Ideal candidates will be versed in human computer interaction, natural language processing, and/or gamification; and have at least some interface design and development experience.

User Experience Researchers | TextThresher

We are seeking one or two researchers in Human Computer Interaction to help design and implement User A/B studies to improve the TextThresher user experience. Ideal candidates will work well with a team and a research partner, demonstrate experience designing and implementing previous user studies, and demonstrate a broad and deep understanding of the literatures concerning CSCW, HCI, and/or crowd work.

Researchers and Developers | SamePage

We are seeking one or two graduate student researchers in the area of democratic deliberation to help us design the online democratic machinery of the future. We are also seeking intermediate and advanced interface designers/developers to help build this platform for online deliberation and direct democracy. Our initial work will entail coordination on a design plan, and re-factoring of some current online deliberation code to make it more visually pleasing and navigable. We will also be working on the design and development of various interfaces for engaging, moderating, and voting upon the elements of online deliberation. Ideal candidates will be versed in HCI, CSCW, and/or deliberation literatures and demonstrate interface design and development experience.

Communications Lead | GoodlyLabs

We are seeking an advanced undergraduate with great writing skills and impeccable judgment to lead our social media outreach efforts. Responsibilities will include weekly refreshing of Goodly’s webpage content, creating a Goodly Facebook page, writing Facebook posts and tweets about Goodly’s projects, and contributing Goodly’s findings and perspective to ongoing media discourses.

StartUp Fundraiser – GoodlyLabs

We are seeking an advanced undergraduate and/or early-career fundraising professional to help Goodly target funders, develop pitches, and polish grant proposals. The ideal candidate will not rely on this position for income (at least as we start-up), but will be dedicated to the Goodly mission and happy to receive modest commissions or bonuses for fundraising successes while developing a portfolio of experience.

Board of Directors | GoodlyLabs

Goodly invites applications to join our Board of Directors. Over the next 12 months, Goodly will appoint up to 20 members to its board. After 6 board meetings during that period, Goodly will announce the 8-20 members who will remain on the board for a 2-year (renewable) term. The ideal board will include people from an array of social, cultural, and geographic backgrounds with experience in community organizing, social science, technology, fundraising, marketing, documentary film-making, foundations, social media outreach, non-profit legal matters, (municipal) governance, management of distributed organizations, and research collaboration. If you’d like to be considered, please send a brief letter of interest to info@goodlylabs.org with the subject line ‘Joining the Goodly Board.’ We will follow up with promising applicants, encouraging them to send more information and schedule an interview.

Please email info@goodlylabs.org and mention any role you'd like to play. We look forward to working with you!

We're grateful to the following organizations for supporting our projects:

SSRC AMPlab BIDS hypothes.is NSF Sloan Foundation Sage Publishing