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About Us

Goodly Labs is dedicated to equipping individuals with collaborative tools and opportunities allowing them to find common ground and take responsibility for building a better society.

Our core values are:
Inclusion, Collaboration, Care, Continual Improvement, Creativity, Transparency, Trust

Our work is for everyone –– so we include everyone, care about everyone, and share our processes with everyone. Ultimately, we want to help individuals demonstrate to themselves that we humans can effectively collaborate to create a world that is more sensible, just, and vibrant. To that end, we welcome participation from people of all backgrounds. As long as you’re trying to help, we want your input and perspective to be a part of our creations. So visit our Join Us page. There, you can try out some volunteer tasks or donate to a project.

We're grateful to the following organizations for supporting our projects:

SSRC AMPlab BIDS hypothes.is NSF Sloan Foundation Sage Publishing